The TELEMATIK telescoping system

The automatic TELEMATIK high speed telescoping system makes Liebherr cranes more powerful and economical. It operates using just one hydraulic cylinder and an internal locking system for the individual telescoping sections. The lifting capacity properties are excellent since the various telescopes can be extended in any sequence and independently of each other.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Increased lifting capacity using lightweight telescoping system
  • Fast, economical and convenient with fully automatic system
  • Zero maintenance and safe


The TELEMATIK telescoping system

The TELEMATIK telescoping system

The entire telescoping mechanism is mounted centrally at the foot of the hydraulic cylinder. The telescopic boom pins are loaded by compression springs and connect the telescopic sections to each other. Initially the telescoping section is connected to the hydraulic cylinder during the telescoping process. Only then can the telescoping section be released and decoupled within the boom. The hydraulic cylinder pushes the telescoping section to the required length. It is then reconnected to the next higher telescoping section using a boom pin.

The mechanical coupling of the tong and boom pinning system ensures that the system is safe.

Liebherr revolutionised boom technology

In 1997 Liebherr revolutionised the crane market for telescopic booms when it designed an oval and extremely rigid cross-section. At the same time the engineers developed the TELEMATIK electronically controlled single-cylinder telescoping system. The combination resulted in a wide range of new uses and enormous increases in lifting capacity. TELEMATIK made it possible for the first time to build six-piece telescopic booms up to 60 metres in length. Liebherr received the Steel Innovation Prize as a result. Today Liebherr produces telescopic booms up to 100 metres in length after technical developments made this possible.

LICCON intelligent crane control

Liebherr develops the software and hardware for its mobile crane control itself. Our customers' needs are our main focus in this respect. Crane control using LICCON computer system