Our teams guarantee fast and reliable delivery

Our teams guarantee fast and reliable delivery

By using genuine Liebherr components, mining customers can ensure that their machines will perform to the highest standard and under the most efficient conditions.

OEM quality and standards

Liebherr genuine parts come with the promise of Liebherr quality, research, and latest technologies. Customers are provided with peace of mind, knowing that all major components tracked in the Liebherr Maintenance Management system, offering latest improvements and updates.

Liebherr offers customized service packages for your business, including :

  • Power packs
  • Side frames
  • Complete booms and sticks
  • Service and hose kits
Liebherr-Mining global representation

Liebherr-Mining global representation

Global representation : Liebherr-Mining is everywhere thanks to its strong sales & services network.

In partnership with our customers, we regular review parts and component requirements: replenishing stock based on expected and planned maintenance and replacements.

Anytime, anywhere

Component planning is also undertaken per machine, resulting in reduced scheduled maintenance time, with the part waiting. With access to a global stock inventory, customers will have the part they need, when it’s needed.

As an OEM, Liebherr has the added advantage of constant research and development on every component; this means guaranteeing parts and improving customers’ profitability. We understand mining is a tough business, so we guarantee our parts to be reliable even under severe working conditions.

Liebherr has a world-class warranty approach: what we promise, we deliver.

Liebherr’s online parts database is state-of-the-art and easy to use.

The user-friendly database allows technicians to quickly diagnose problems and implement solutions easily.

Parts carry all the latest updates and product improvements.

Parts carry all the latest updates and product improvements.

Competitive pricing

Liebherr offers competitive pricing in terms of availability, quality, services and warranty. Our price list is as clear and transparent as it is unique and valid worldwide.

Highest quality parts

Liebherr offers an OEM inventory, with additional cost-efficient Reman and Repair options to provide a reduction in the total cost of ownership: guaranteeing the highest quality parts, latest technology and updates.


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Direct online ordering

MyLiebherr is an online spare parts portal that covers the whole catalogue of spare parts from Liebherr. MyLiebherr