Teach-in simplifies bulk goods handling

The Cycoptronic teach-in enhancement facilitates easier bulk goods handling. The operator determines the loading and unloading point and then navigates the crane at maximum speed to a defined area. As soon as the crane reaches one of these two points, it brakes automatically without causing the load to swing. Timely positioning of the grabber is therefore unnecessary.

Sway-free load as well as fixed loading and unloading points ensure greater precision and speed in bulk goods handling.

Advantages at a glance

The Cycoptronic teach-in enhancement accelerates and simplifies bulk goods handling through predefined loading and unloading points.

Automatic positioning of the grabber saves the crane operator time. Furthermore, he can also navigate at maximum speed between the predefined loading and unloading points. This increases the handling performance.

The head of the jib and the grabber and also the load always move in a predefined range between the two points. This avoids operating errors and increases safety. Moreover, operator can always intervene in the crane movements.


Crane simulators

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