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Sensor basic data  
Diameter with collar 80.0 mm
Diameter without collar 78.0 mm
Housing height 43.1 mm
Height with socket 56 mm
Weight 0.625 kg
Housing material Stainless steel 1.4305
Cover material Stainless steel 1.4301
Wear plate material Ceramic AI203
Process connection Clamping flange
Protection class IPX9K/IP68
Sensor exchange without recalibration Yes
Technology Streaming
Sensor for moisture content  
Measured variable Electrical permittivity high resolution, depending on material moisture content and material density
Frequency 21-25 MHz
Operating temperature 5-70 °C
Material penetration depth (depending on material) 3-5 (measuring part influence decreasing exponentially with depth) cm
Sensors for temperature  
Measured variable Open the 1st Oscillator temperature
Open the 2nd Plate temperature
Output temperature resolution 0.01 K
Measuring range -10 to 80 °C
Measurement value transfer  
Bus type CAN 2.0 B ISO 16845 certified
Baud rate 250,000 bit/s
Transceiver 3.3 V cross-circuit protection, overvoltage protection up to +/- 36 V, loss of ground protection, overheating protection (thermal shutdown) and common-mode transient protection of +/- 100 V
Bus scheduling External, internal possible
Electrical connection  
Supply voltage 12 (min/max 6-36) V
Power consumption 0.3 Amax/17 [email protected]
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Connection DEUTSCH DT 15-4P
0V/GND Pin 1
CAN-Low Pin 2
CAN-High Pin 3
+12V Pin 4
CAN messages  
Format identifier 29-Bit-Identifier, Extended frame format
Number of bytes in the data field (DLC) 8
Measured value identifier 0x01505043
NTC1 Electronics temperature: Integer with 2 decimal places
Indication: °C + 40 °C
NTC2 Temperature behind ceramic plate: Integer with 2 decimal places
Indication: °C + 40 °C
C_value Humidity sensor capacity value: Integer with 2 decimal places