Landing gear supplementary sub-systems

Nose landing gear retraction actuator

Nose landing gear retraction actuator

Landing gear supplementary sub-systems fulfill functions such as nose wheel steering, aircraft braking, landing gear door actuation, position and warning.

Landing gear sub-systems

  • The steering sub-system allows steering the aircraft when taxiing.
  • The braking sub-system allows reducing the aircraft speed upon landing.
  • The landing gear door actuation sub-system allows to close the landing gear bay doors once the aircraft is in the air and to open them when the aircraft is about to land.
  • The position and warning system is used to control the sequences of the landing gears legs extension and retraction.

Landing gear in-house capabilities

Nose wheel steering control

Nose wheel steering control

Liebherr has the complete capability to design and manufacture in-house the structural, hydraulic and mechanical parts of such sub-systems (actuators, manifolds, reservoirs, valves, up-locks), to subcontract the other parts (wheels and brakes, brake control, sensors) from specialized suppliers, and to integrate all those parts together with the electronic hardware and software controls made by Liebherr.



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