Water content determination

Liebherr develops and manufactures reliable measurement systems to determine the water content in emulsions and fluids. The systems can be integrated into various production plants such as pipelines and tanks. Customers benefit from a fully-automated production process. Our systems measure, monitor and regulate the water content automatically. Continuous measurement guarantees high precision.

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Sensor manufacturing in Bad Schussenried (Germany)

Sensor manufacturing in Bad Schussenried (Germany)

Liebherr developed the first sensors more than 30 years ago as part of its concrete technology. We therefore design our sensors traditionally for use under extreme conditions. This guarantees high process reliability for our customers. Our WMS sensors can therefore withstand pressures of up to 85 bar. Furthermore, the sensors meet the requirements for use in potentially explosive areas.

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Using the Litronic WMS / FMS II to determine the water content provides numerous benefits for various industry sectors. The application areas include the following industry sectors:

  • Petrochemistry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Agricultural machinery / Construction machinery / Marine
  • Mechanical Engineering companies
  • Protection of large engines
  • Laboratory equipment sensors for the automotive market
  • Food industry
  • Other

The Litronic WMS / FMS II enables reliable water content determination for various emulsions and fluids, such as:

Oil, crude oil, diesel, biodiesel, quenching oil, coolants, dye (offset pressure), paint, solvents, lubricants, slurries, wax/resin, ceramic slurry, margarine, other emulsions and suspensions, water/product separation and additional

Our data sheets contain detailed technical information on water content determination using the Liebherr-Litronic WMS:


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We use our experience in the mixing technology sector for reliable measurement systems. Customers around the world rely on Liebherr sensors.

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Liebherr develops user-friendly control systems for mixing plants. These increase efficiency and the concrete's mixing quality. Control systems

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