Components for agriculture and forestry

Within the corporate group, Liebherr components have been successfully proving themselves for decades in the diverse machines in building construction and civil engineering. Our customers also benefit greatly from this experience in the development of specific solutions for agricultural technology or forestry.

Advantages of Liebherr components

  • Powerful
    Our product portfolio of diesel engines for agriculture and forestry ranges from 150kW to 900kW. Liebherr diesel engines therefore also cover machines with a high power requirement.
  • Compact
    Liebherr uses the latest technologies in the area of aftertreatment of exhaust gases. We achieve a very compact design of the complete system - which is particularly important for agriculture and forestry.
  • Fuel-efficient
    Thanks to the innovative SCRonly technology, our engines impress in day-to-day life with low fuel consumption and a low cooling requirement.
  • Low maintenance
    In addition, the long maintenance intervals of over 1,000 operating hours ensure low operating costs. In agriculture this means one to two seasons can easily pass without the need for any maintenance work.
  • Diverse
    With the modular system our hydraulic pumps and motors complete drive tasks in diverse areas.
  • Durable
    Hydraulic motors from Liebherr are characterised by a favourable bearing load and a compact design. This guarantees a particularly long life.
  • Expandable
    Our hydraulic motors can be easily connected to tandem motors. This doubles the power in the converter range.

Specifically designed products

Liebherr develops robust hydraulic pumps and motors especially for use in adverse weather conditions. Whether it is for travel drives or for moving equipment - the reliable and longlife pumps and motors from Liebherr come up trumps for every application in agriculture and forestry.

  • LH30VO axial piston pump
    Our newly developed medium-pressure pump LH30VO is ideal for linear movements of equipment. It also impresses in mobile applications as a steering pump or for fan drives in the open circuit, such as those in tractors.
  • DPVG axial piston pump
    Thanks to the use of a hydrostatic cradle bearing, the axial piston pumps for the closed circuit even impress with heavy-duty loads with their high reliability and long service life. The adjustability also enables load-independent stability of the driving mechanism. This configuration makes the pumps particularly attractive for machines with a frequent and dynamic load change, for e.g. a harvester.
  • DMFA 355 axial piston motor
    These motors are available for both open and closed circuits. The swash plate design enables an optional through drive for further axial piston units. An external holding brake or service brake can also be used. Forestry machines often require these brakes for safety reasons.
  • Robust and durable
    Electronic products from Liebherr are designed to survive tough exterior use unscathed – also crucial for agriculture and forestry.
  • Available for a long time
    Our customers appreciate in particular the high long-term availability. Customers can also obtain state-of-the-art parts for machines over 25 years old.
  • Flexible
    Various machines are used in agriculture and forestry. Based on standard interfaces, we offer an individual solution for every requirement.

Specifically designed products

  • CCU 70 compact control unit
    Functional safety is prescribed in the machinery directive and thus is a decisive factor in both agricultural and forestry technology. The compact control unit from Liebherr complies with the high industry standards.
  • Machine infotainment system
    Similar to passenger traffic, the requirements of multimedia and telematics solutions in the driver's cab are also increasing in agricultural and forestry. The machine infotainment system from our product range provides the perfect solution and can be easily integrated in individual machine concepts.
  • Digital camera
    With the digital camera for mobile use, Liebherr enables the caption of blind spots and work areas that are difficult to see. It meets all legal requirements of a visual aid system for agricultural and forestry machines.
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The video shows the various application possibilities of Liebherr components in agriculture and forestry.

The video shows the various application possibilities of Liebherr components in agriculture and forestry. Open video

The video shows the various application possibilities of Liebherr components in agriculture and forestry.