Stable multiple injections

Stable multiple injections ensured with the 3-way servo valve

Stable multiple injections ensured with the 3-way servo valve

In the case of multiple injections, the pilot injection is crucial for the engine to run silently, the main injection ensures optimal power delivery and maximum torque, and the post-injection reduces emissions.

The 3-way servo valve ensures that the injection spray is established moderately. The injection process ends with very fast closure of the nozzle needle. This results in a very clear boundary for the individual injections and a precisely measured amount of fuel - both of which are decisive factors for an optimal combustion process, low fuel consumption and minimal raw emissions.

Minimal control leakage

Liebherr injectors are set apart by their very small amount of control leakage. In the case of system injectors for engines with a capacity of up to 2.7 liters per cylinder, at full load it is a maximum of 15 ml/min. This provides the following advantages:

  • higher degree of efficiency and therefore lower fuel consumption
  • lower leakage temperatures, therefore less cooling requirements
  • good tolerance of various fuel qualities

Injection timing control function

With the help of the injection timing control (ITC) function, even small quantities of fuel can be dosed more precisely. Each injector has the necessary hardware to determine the start and end of injection. Additional information gained from the start and end of the injection provides relevant condition monitoring data and the software regulates the amount of fuel to be delivered individually for each subsequent injection. This compensates for drift and keeps the injection quantity from the injector constant over the entire service life. The software-controlled Injection Timing Control (ITC) function works without an additional connector interface.