Facts and Figures

The Liebherr Group reported record sales in 2019, with revenues of € 11,750 million. This represents an increase of € 1,199 million, or 11.4 %, compared with the previous year.

Year company was founded 1949
Group turnover in 2019 11,750 m €
Group investments in 2019 756 m €
Group depreciation in 2019 541 m €
Workforce by end of 2019 48,049
More than 140 companies  
More than 40 production companies  

Sales performance by region

The Group owes its success from last year to an increase in sales in all regions. Within the European Union, traditionally the Group’s strongest market, sales rose once again. This is especially due to favourable growth in Germany and France, as well as in other countries including Spain and Denmark. There was also a significant increase in sales in other European countries, driven in part by strong growth in Russia and Norway. The most significant gains were in North America, where sales rose in the US as well as Canada. There were similar positive developments in Central and South America as well as Asia and Oceania. Performance was especially bolstered by strong growth in Panama, Australia, China and Japan. Although not as strong as in other regions, there was still growth in Africa and the Near and Middle East.

Sales performance by product area

Despite political instabilities and the general decline in economic growth, the Liebherr Group managed to break its own sales record for the third year in a row. Growth was evenly distributed among the Construction Machines and Mining divisions, along with the other product areas. The Group’s sales in construction and mining machinery reached € 7,640 million, an € 807 million (11.8 %) increase compared to the year before. This included the Earthmoving, Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Concrete Technology and Mining. For the other product areas, including the Maritime Cranes, Aerospace and Transportation Systems, Machine Tools and Automation Systems, Household Appliances as well as the Components and Hotels divisions, combined sales reached € 4,110 million, a € 392 million (10.5 %) increase over the year before.

Employees worldwide

At the end of 2019, the Group employed 48,049 people worldwide. This represents an increase of 1,880 (4.1 %) compared with the year before. The number of employees significantly increased in Europe and North America. The Group also hired many new employees in Central and South America, Asia and Oceania, and Africa and the Near and Middle East.

Annual Report 2019

The Liebherr Group’s Annual Report for 2019 contains not only the principal facts and figures, but a whole lot more besides: major events and topics that influenced last year’s results.

The 2019 business year
Annual Report 2019


Here you can access the Annual Report 2019 as a PDF file and also download Facts and Figures as a concise summary.

Facts and Figures 2019
Facts and Figures 2019 (PDF, 15.6 MB)