Telescopic mobile cranes from Liebherr

LTM mobile cranes feature an all-terrain chassis, making them ideal for driving on public roads and for off-road use. Their main attributes are comfort, economy and safety.

Telescopic mobile cranes from Liebherr

The powerful, long telescopic booms can be extended to enormous working heights quickly and easily. Flexibility is the highest priority for the equipment. Functional lattice extensions, folding jibs, fixed and luffing lattice jibs can be installed quickly to configure the perfect crane for the job in hand.

LTM mobile cranes

Max. load capacity (t)

Max. hoist height (m)

Max. radius (m)

Number of axles

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LTM 1400-7.1 Mobile crane

Max. load capacity 400 t
Telescopic boom 60 m
Max. hoist height 130 m
Max. radius 100 m
Number of axles 7
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