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Major Inspection of Mobile Cranes

The solution provided by Liebherr - The Service Specialist

Factory Trained Technicians & Factory Verified Processes

25 factory trained technicians allocated in five Liebherr mobile crane repair and maintenance facilities across Australia. Operational and functional testing of major crane components in accordance with manufacturer‘s specifications to cover the requirements of the Australian Standards.

A strong Focus on Visual Inspections

The new practices for a Major Inspection conducted by Liebherr offer maximum safety and a reduced down time of the crane. This is achieved by an optimised scope of work, fully satisfying all requirements given by the Australian Standards.

Shorter Down Time & Lower Costs

Focusing strongly on visual inspections and non-destructive testing only for critical areas recommended by the manufacturer assures not only a shortened period of inspection but also lower costs due to more efficient practices and reduced third party charges.

Liebherr Genuine Parts

Every Liebherr part is built to Liebherr‘s original equipment specification guaranteeing integrity and performance.

Longer Operational Periods

The Australian Standards advise to use manufacturer‘s recommendations for conducting the Major Inspection, Liebherr mobile cranes have a longer operation period of 12 years in the field until the obligation of a Major Inspection.

Guaranteed Quality

Liebherr-Australia Pty Ltd offers a warranty of 12 months for maintained and replaced parts using Liebherr genuine parts and advanced diagnostic equipment specifically designed and manufactured for Liebherr mobile cranes.

Higher Resale Value

Genuine Liebherr servicing and inspection provides a strong selling point and thus the potential of a better resale value.

The Major Inspection performed by Liebherr – Optimised, Efficient and Factory Supported.

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