Data bus technology: All important electric and electronic components are equipped with own microprocessors and communicate over only a few data cables. For the special requirements of the telescopic cranes Liebherr has developed its own data bus system. This data bus system provides extensive diagnosis possibilities and fast fault finding as well as a continuous self-testing of the intelligent sensors.

Worldwide service from the manufacturer: Liebherr offers for all its mobile and crawler cranes a worldwide service, directly from the manufacturer. Through offering a comprehensive service chain, a high-quality service can be delivered. The emergency service points are accessible any time. If necessary, the Liebherr team of around 1,000 mobile and crawler crane technicians can deliver all the support you need. Our smart warehousing and spare parts logistics system means that 95 percent of all spare parts are available globally within 24 hours.

Regular training: All our service staff gets regular training at the manufacturer plant in Ehingen, Germany. Due to this training courses, Liebherr guarantees to deliver highly skilled, efficient repair and service work through its dense global service network. Liebherr has more than 80 of its own sales and service locations in more than 40 countries around the world.