172 EC-B 8 Litronic Flat-Top Crane

Enhanced capacity and simplified crane erection compared to the predecessor model 160 EC-B

Liebherr has given its successful 160 EC-B Flat-Top crane a facelift and will unveil its successor, the 172 EC B 8 Litronic, to the trade public for the first time at the Intermat 2015.

The lifting capacity of the new 172 EC-B 8 Litronic Flat-Top crane has been radically increased by 15% over the entire jib length. The new Flat-Top crane will now hoist 2,100 kg with a radius of 60.0 m at the jib head. This represents an increase of 250 kg at the jib head over its predecessor. The 172 EC-B reaches its maximum lifting capacity at 8,000 kg.

The crane's erection process has also been simplified even further. The new erection concept for the jib is another new idea from Liebherr for the 172 EC-B Flat-Top crane. The load hook and trolley remain on the job pivot section during transport. That completely eliminates the erection work for the trolley.

The new 172 EC-B 8 Litronic is supplied with the advanced Litronic crane controller. Functions such as redundant load moment measurement, manipulation-proof commissioning and the monitoring of hoist gear brake with managed lowering in emergency mode provide a very high level of safety.

Technical Data

Standard EN 14439
Rope runs 2
Max. lifting capacity 8,000 kg
Lifting capacity with max. radius 2,100 kg
Max. hook height 62.4 m