The Liebherr 53 K fast-erecting crane

The 53 K achieves a maximum hook height of 31 m which is the top value in the 50 mt crane class. With the rapid climbing system, up to three complete tower sections can be inserted practically and safely. This means that the hook height can be adjusted to suit the site situation. With the 20° jib luffed position, the maximum hook height can also be increased to 43.1 m.

With a horizontal jib, the 53 K can be configured with seven different hook heights between 15.8 m and 31 m. This makes the new K crane ideal for use on multi-occupancy residential buildings with up to eight storeys.

Technical Data

Max. hook height 30.4/31.0 m
Hook height at 20° luffed position up to 43.1 m
Radius 28.0 / 34.0 / 37.0 / 40.0 m
Lifting capacity at a radius of 40.0 m 1,100 / 1,000 kg
Lifting capacity at a radius of 37.0 m 1,300 / 1,200 kg
Lifting capacity at a radius of 34.0 m 1,500 / 1,400 kg
Lifting capacity at a radius of 28.0 m 2,000 kg
Maximum lifting capacity 4,000 kg