At the 2015 Intermat, Liebherr exhibits the new crawler loader LR 636. It is the first machine from the new generation 6.

The LR 636 offers an operating weight of 21,200 kg. Its Liebherr diesel engine returns 135 kW / 181 HP of power and complies with the Stage IV / Tier 4f emissions standards. The maximum bucket capacity is 4.6 m³.

The main components of the new crawler loaders come from Liebherr's own production line. Among these, are the diesel engine and the common rail injection system as well as the hydraulic and electronic components. These are adapted optimally to the requirements of the machine programme. Here, Liebherr draws on more than 50 years of experience in the development of crawler tractors and crawler loaders.

The new LR 636 crawler loader is powered by a 4-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine that complies with the Stage IV / Tier 4f emissions standard. To achieve the requisite emissions and consumption targets, Liebherr has optimised the whole combustion process and has already reduced particulates generated within the engine to a minimum. The ideal adaptation of the various parameters is supported, among other ways, by an in-house developed common rail injection system including an in-house developed electronic engine management system.

Technical data

Engine output 135 kW / 181 PS
Operating weight 21 t
Bucket capacity 2,0 – 4,6 m³
Travel speed 0 – 11 km/h

As with the 6th generation of crawler tractors from Liebherr, the new crawler loader also features an electronically-regulated drive control system with integrated ECO function. This gives the driver the opportunity to choose between high performance and maximum operating efficiency. In doing so, the ECO control system provides more economy for the drive unit in light to medium heavy operations compared with the previous generation.

The proactive power control is another innovation of the 6th generation. Here, both internal engine and external machine parameters are recorded - such as the actual deflection of the drive joystick. For the machines, this results not only in faster reaction times, but also tangibly higher performance and pulling power for driving and loading modes.

With its striking machine design, characterised by the pleasant aesthetics of flowing lines and soft edges, the new LR 636 crawler loader already makes claim to its innovative prowess at first glance in this equipment category.

The modern overall appearance is continued in the driver cab. The windscreen, made from one single piece of safety glass, follows the driver's line of vision over the entire lifting distance and enables unrestricted view to the working area and work equipment. In addition, the new machine design supports perfect all round view.

The comfortable driver area with generous dimensions, numerous stowage areas, an additional coolbox and standard air conditioning system round off the unique level of driver comfort of the new Liebherr crawler loader.

All crawlers of the new 6th generation feature the touch-sensitive system display for Liebherr earthmoving machines. With this important operating parameters such as the ECO function and comfort functions like the standard rear view camera or the air conditioning system can be operated intuitively.

It was also possible to further enhance the reaction speed of the work equipment. With the demand controlled working hydraulics that now have even more power and the automation functions integrated in the single lever control, namely automatic “bucket return”, “floating position” and “lift end switch”, assurance is provided that the work equipment can be operated quickly and efficiently.

The chassis units have pendulum mountings and flexible bearings. As a result, unevenness in the ground is balanced out and particularly good contact with the ground is achieved which, in turn, improves climbing ability and firm footing on uneven terrain. By rearranging the support rollers, it was possible to further improve the self-cleaning effect of the chassis.

Central servicing points, a standard hydraulic tipping driver cab, wide-opening wing doors, maintenance-free bucket pins and the chassis design guarantee unrivalled service friendliness and reduce the maintenance complexity to a minimum.

Long service intervals of the main components, e.g. the diesel engine and hydraulic system, keep down the service costs.

A comprehensive array of equipment ranging from standard load buckets, light material buckets, waste cage attachments and 4-in-1 buckets to various rear devices, such as a 3-tooth rear ripper or winch, round off the package of offers for Liebherr crawler loaders. Complete equipment packages for industrial applications – from recycling and waste management to steelworks – are also available.

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    The new LR636 provides short response time and high performance for efficient and economic operation. Our Liebherr hydraulic system enables a precise movement of the front hydraulics and a simple control of the machine in any terrain.

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    The new LR636 provides short response time and high performance for efficient and economic operation. Our Liebherr hydraulic system enables a precise movement of the front hydraulics and a simple control of the machine in any terrain.