Combined Vocational and Educational Studies in engineering

Scholars with intermediate-level education (access to university) with an interest in technology, mathematics and physics can start a practice-based engineering course at Liebherr. The course enables students to graduate as a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.).

  • Being part of international projects is what makes her dual study program at Liebherr unique. And this is what Rose Kuhn does since her first minute within the Liebherr Group. As an aspiring industrial engineer, she contributes every single day to the products that are used in aerospace industry all over the world.

  • Within the combined vocational and educational scheme, Liebherr offers six engineering courses to choose from.

    Within the combined vocational and educational scheme, Liebherr offers six engineering courses to choose from.

    Liebherr offers the opportunity to study in a vocational and educational scheme at various sites in Southern Germany. The partner universities are the university of co-operative education in Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) and the Maintal academy of co-operative education Maintal in Hessen. Once you complete your course of study in engineering, a broad spectrum of interesting jobs are open to you as a graduate – from design to research and development or production and quality assurance.

    Courses of study

    At a glance

    Period of training: 3 years
    Prerequisite: General baccalaureate (matriculation) or a baccalaureate specific to the relevant specialism

    What we expect from you

    • You are thorough and responsible.
    • You are outgoing, communicative and a team player.
    • You are proactive in nature, independent and distinguished by a high level of commitment and determination.
    • You have an analytical mind and understand complex situations quickly.

    This is how the course of study works

    • The course of study alternates between the company and university of co-operative education.
    • You take part in our inhouse lectures during your training.
    • Pedagogy seminars and educational trips provide variety.

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