Wide product range

Liebherr truck mixers provide a wide range of variants and options. Thanks to the reliably high quality of our products, we guarantee economic concrete transport.

Flexible semitrailers

Concrete mixers designed as semitrailers enable flexibility in the fleet. The transport capacity for major concreting work increases. If there is less concrete work, the tractor can change the semitrailer and carry out other tasks such as transporting gravel or cement.

Wear-resistant steel

Liebherr works exclusively with renowned steel manufacturers to develop the LICRO 500 steel for mixing drums. The special steel contains extremely hard titanium carbonitride and is therefore protected against wear in the long term.

Truck mixer

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HTM 504 Truck mixer

Water capacity 5.95 m³
Geometric drum capacity 9.66 m³

HTM 604 Truck mixer

Water capacity 6.78 m³
Geometric drum capacity 11.00 m³

HTM 704 Truck mixer

Water capacity 7.60 m³
Geometric drum capacity 12.34 m³

HTM 804 Truck mixer

Water capacity 9.10 m³
Geometric drum capacity 14.29 m³

HTM 904 Truck mixer

Water capacity 10.22 m³
Geometric drum capacity 15.96 m³

HTM 1004 Truck mixer

Water capacity 11.05 m³
Geometric drum capacity 17.64 m³

HTM 1204 Truck mixer

Water capacity 12.59 m³
Geometric drum capacity 18.28 m³
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