Powerful and robust Liebherr engine

The core of the machine is the 6-cylinder Liebherr inline diesel engine, which complies with the emission standard stage IV / Tier 4f. Optionally the machine is also available for specific countries in stage IIIA. The LH 110 Port has an engine output of 300kW / 408HP and thanks to the ERC system a total system performance of 463kW.

Energy recovery cylinder (ERC)

The ERC system not only brings about an enormous increase in performance and a higher handling capacity, but it also generates fuel savings of up to 30%, lower operating costs as well as reduced pollutant and noise emissions.

Weight-optimised attachment

The newly designed attachment for port application enables an extremely high load capacity. The attachment's weight is optimised thanks to a new design. The ERC as well as hoist and stick cylinders are adapted to the operating conditions.


The counter weight in the base unit is adapted to the special operating conditions of a port-based machine. The optimised weight distribution between the uppercarriage, undercarriage and attachment ensures secure stability with maximum load capacity.

Liebherr Double Link Cab

The hydraulic double link cab LHC-D 730 always guarantees an optimum visibility upwards as well as forwards. The cab can be moved up to 4m horizontal forwards and to the maximum eye point at a height of 9.2m. In addition, a safe and comfortable access from the bottom is permitted.


Sales and Service

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