Technical data

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Model NC-B 6-62 NC-B 9-62
Standard LN 303 LN 303
Max. freestanding hook height 53.2 m 53.2 m
Max. lifting capacity 6,000 kg 9,000 kg
Max. radius 62.5 m 62.5 m
Lifting capacity at max. radius 1,200 kg 1,200 kg


The new tower system 16 EC has been optimally matched to the new NC-B cranes. It has a cross-section of only 1.6 x 1.6 m.

The 16 EC tower system with pin conectors consists of 11.7 m or 3.9 m tower sections long. The 3.9 m long climbing tower section is highly versatile, and can be used inside or outside the building.

Filigree prefabricated parts and fragile components have to be positioned gently. That is why loads can be positioned with great accuracy and held without jerking using the Liebherr unique micromove function.

The NC-B series comes along with strong high-performance drives and impressive maximum load capacities up to 9 tonnes.

For the NC-B series we developed a multifunctional climbing equipment. The hydraulic system makes internal climbing up to 510 metres working height possible as well as external climbing with the same unit. This multi-purpose component is one part of the versatile new 16 EC tower system besides tower sections with more than one possible application.

Product overview

The first two models of the new NC-B series, a broad range of construction projects can already be covered in congested urban areas of emerging countries. Product overview of NC-B Flat-Top cranes