Fly-jib: Turn and lift

The 710HC-L can be optionally equipped with an additional hook, the „Fly-Jib“, for lifting loads of up to 13.1 t and turning large components.

There’s power in it

In order to reach fast hoist speeds, the 710 HC-L uses two hoist drives simultaneously. Luffing speeds are increased by using powerful drives in combination with a new software logic. This crane is available in four versions.

Easy handling

Operate with ease using a powerful PLC combining features like horizontal load movement and the fine positioning mode MICROMOVE. All electronic components have been incorporated into one switch cabinet making inspection and maintenance easier than ever.

Easy going – from place to place

Despite its great performance the 710 HC-L can be transported in containers and disassembled by a Liebherr Derrick crane. Each crane part has been minimized to 10 t maximum.

High tower – all new

With the new tower system the 710 HC-L climbs inside or outside the building. The redesigned tower comes with the established measurements of 2.43 m external dimension.

Modular concept

With the new platform design the decision on which side you want the cabin is up to you. According to the requirements of your construction site you place it either left or right.

Cardboard Video App

The cardboard video app for iPhone and Android Phone is free of charge and can be downloaded from the respective app store.

Furthermore, you can use the 360° video on our youtube channel for your mobile device