R 984 C
Mining excavators
R 984 C

With 1,000 units sold worldwide the R 984 C mining excavator has achieve the solid reputation of the most flexible digging and loading tool in its class. It can be customized for all mining applications offering maximum performance. Even under the hardest conditions, it achieves high productivity. Always ready for job, the R 984 C is your key tool to reach the expectations.

The R 984 C, available in backhoe and face shovel configuration, is equipped in its standard version with a 7 m³ bucket capacity. The Liebherr bucket is an optimised pattern for mining work, designed for improved penetration and a high fill factor.

Operating weight
120,100 - 125,100 kg
Engine output
504 kW/685 hp
(ISO 9249)
Backhoe bucket capacity
7.00 m³ @ 1.8 t/m³
Shovel capacity
7.00 m³ @ 1.8 t/m³