LR 11350
Crawler crane
LR 11350

The LR 11350 sets standards in the class for cranes capable of lifting over 1000 tonnes. It offers outstanding lifting capacities in all applications. The design principle enables economical and straightforward transportation of the crane components and rapid set-up. The diesel engine, hydraulics, electrics and crane cab are transported as a complete unit. A wide range of boom systems mean that the LR 11350 is highly versatile with or without a derrick system. Its performance is complemented by excellent safety standards and a high level of operating convenience.

max. lifting capacity
2,976,000 lbs at 39 ft
max. load moment
22,748 tm
Main boom
98 ft - 492 ft
Lattice jib
39 ft - 374 ft
Derrick mast
138 ft
Superstructure-/central ballast
749,600 lbs/66,150 lbs
Derrick ballast
1,455,000 lbs
Engine output
870 h.p
Travel speed
0 - 0.67 mph
Total counterweight
2,182,600 lbs
Liebherr crawler crane LR 11350