LR 13000
Crawler crane
LR 13000

With the LR 13000, the most powerful crawler crane in the world of conventional design, Liebherr is clearly extending its range of crawler cranes, and steadily upwards. The most important area of operations for the new LR 13000 will be in the power station construction sector. With nuclear power stations of the latest generation in particular, the lifting of extremely heavy individual items is essential, while preassembled modules also have to be lifted as complete units, and that also drives the unit weights upwards. But in refineries, too, there is an increasing demand for industrial columns weighing 1.500 tonnes and with lengths of 100 metres to be erected. Larger and larger cranes are also needed for the pre-assembly of offshore steel structures, such as oil platforms. The new LR 13000 from Liebherr is the only crawler crane in this size class which can work without derrick ballast. This is achieved by an extremely powerful slewing ring, developed and manufactured by Liebherr themselves.

max. lifting capacity
3,000 t at 12 m
max. load moment
65,000 tm
Main boom
60 m - 144 m
Lattice jib
18 m - 126 m
Derrick mast
54 m
Superstructure-/central ballast
750 t/150 t
Derrick ballast
1,500 t
Engine output
1,000 kW
Liebherr crawler crane LR 13000