LR 1750
Crawler crane
LR 1750

The crawler crane LR 1750 is perfectly suited for applications in power stations, refineries, bridge construction sites and the assembly of wind power plants. The 750-t machine can be universally applied due to its 140 m main boom, 105 m luffing fly-jib, 21 m assembly jib and derrick attachment, as well as 400 t suspended counterweight or ballast trailer. Compact dimensions of the crane components and moderate individual weights allow a highly economic transport of the crane to the building site. The 750 ton crane can also be operated as a "Pedestal Crane" with outrigger supports, featuring a support base of 13 x 13 m. Lifting capacities can thus be increased by up to 370%.

max. lifting capacity
750 t at 7 m
max. load moment
9,864 tm
Main boom, light/heavy
21 m - 140 m
Lattice jib
14 m - 105 m
Derrick mast
31.5 m
Superstructure-/central ballast
245 t/95 t
Derrick ballast
400 t
Engine output
400 kW
Travel speed
0 - 1.65 km/h
Total counterweight
720 t
Liebherr crawler crane LR 1750