Crawler Cranes
Crawler Cranes

With the LR series, Liebherr offers a well-balanced programme of lattice boom crawler cranes. In the class below-300 metric tons, low transport weights, rapid self-assembly, optimum load capacity values across the entire working range and comprehensive operating information are among these cranes’ main functional features.

For its larger crawler cranes with lifting capacities up to 1,350 metric tons, Liebherr also offers a wide range of multifunctional jib systems. These cranes can reach heights of up to 223 m at the hook and working radii of up to 152 m, but retain their outstanding manoeuvrability thanks to innovative solutions for the handling of extremely high ballast weights. The LR series is completed by the hydraulic duty cycle crawler cranes range (HS series), which is similar to the LR series in design. The machines have been developed for the most diverse material handling operations. This series comprises 6 models with load capacities between 35 and 200 metric tons.

Two crawler cranes and three mobile cranes from Wasel manage a total load of 560 tonnes and return a damaged container bridge to operation.
Liebherr mobile crane LTM 11200-9.1 hoists symbolic "M" on to one of the highest residential buildings in the Netherlands.
Liebherr has modified its LR 1750 crawler crane with the upgraded 750-tonne LR 1750/2 model now available.
There was very little space on the precipitous site to hoist the 355-tonne steel bridge.
LTM 1400-7.1 erects the largest bronze horse statue in the world.
LR 1300 SX