Mobile cranes
Mobile cranes

Liebherr builds a wide range of mobile cranes with telescoping or lattice booms on wheeled or crawler-tracked undercarriages, to operate in the most diverse areas. These cranes are powerful, compact and manoeuvrable, and feature ultra-modern "made in Germany" mobile-crane technology that satisfies combined road and off-road operating requirements on construction sites of all kinds, worldwide.

Two crawler cranes and three mobile cranes from Wasel manage a total load of 560 tonnes and return a damaged container bridge to operation.
Kranverleih Sommer positions 50-tonne tank in Bremen using Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2 mobile crane for Airbus in Bremen.
Liebherr mobile crane LTM 11200-9.1 hoists symbolic "M" on to one of the highest residential buildings in the Netherlands.
Liebherr has modified its LR 1750 crawler crane with the upgraded 750-tonne LR 1750/2 model now available.
There was very little space on the precipitous site to hoist the 355-tonne steel bridge.